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Race in U.S. Education

Notes on Contributors


The Teacher's Voice journal has come to an end; however, we would like to keep this extraordinary anthology alive and move forward if possible. The open call has closed so we've closed our account with Submittable. Please query for more information:

How does "race" intersect with culture, class, gender, etc.? Given your own "race" look at the complexities in your relationship with U.S. education. Please be daring; take some risks and surprise your reader: there is room for humor, sci-fi, the confessional, the experimental, and much more.  

Please note: the final sequencing of selections will be done after we stop accepting submissions. Also, since we are now considering flash fiction and creative  flash nonficition, while no longer including essays in the hardcover edition, substitute pieces by C.W. Owens, Kandi Maxwell-Powell, and Warren J. Blumenfeld are forthcoming.

Cover Artist: Ernest Williamson III

Conversation Starter: Walk Right In [Documentary] Director/Producer: Larry Paros

Editor's Early Attempt: "Race in Education: Where do I Begin?"



Khomeini's Beard
Road Kill

Roger Sedarat 

 I Looked Up
Glenis Redmond

No Offense
Bridget Gage-Dixon

The Politeness of Whiteness
Howard Stevenson

The Outsiders
The Appalachians
Vicki Collins

For Those Who Call Themselves Human When Asked What Race They Are
Lorena Boswell

Memory of Red Cloud's Grandaughter
Thomas Stein

The Open Wound
Kandi Maxwell-Powell

The True Patriot
Warren J. Blumenfeld

Snow Angels
Ann Struthers

Teresa Mei Chuc

Annette Gordon-Reed and the Future of White Studies

Rion Amilcar Scott




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